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The most versatile saws in the world!

“Are universal saws available?”
This is one of the most common questions asked by customers.

So far, to the best of our knowledge and 25 years of experience, we have responded:
“No,” adding that: “There is only the possibility of selecting a saw for a wider range of cutting, but you have to reckon with earlier wear and tear.”
Customers’ need has simultaneously become a challenge for research centers to develop a universal saw. The answer to this need today is the SWORD-MASTER 3D UNIVERSAL saw.

Thanks to the unique toothing made of M-42 type cobalt high-speed steel
with a hardness of 67-69 HRC and a sequence of three different teeth following each other (B-C-C-A), characterized by an aggressive rake angle of 7°, the SWORD-MASTER UNIVERSAL band saw is the most versatile band saw available.

From now on, you can purchase SWORD-MASTER 3D UNIVERSAL saws with universal 3/4 pitch and universal 4/6 pitch.

The universal 3/4 pitch
allows cutting of solid sections in the range of about 50-200 mm, as well as pipes, sections and closed profiles with a wall thickness of about 7-40 mm.

The universal 4/6 pitch makes it possible to cut solid sections in the range of about 20-100 mm, as well as pipes, sections and closed profiles with a wall thickness of about 5-20 mm.

SWORD-MASTER 3D UNIVERSAL saws have an unprecedented versatility of application. They are very suitable for cutting carbon and alloy structural steels, tool and stainless steels, aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals, as well as optional special alloys.

When cutting high-volume and bulk cuts of identical parts, for optimum saw life, use saws dedicated only to those parts. However, SWORD-MASTER 3D UNIVERSAL saws are perfect for small-batch cutting of diverse parts, maintaining their service life and top cutting quality.