piły taśmowe SWORD FLUID ST

Cooling and lubricating fluid for band saw cutting

  • Cooling and lubricating fluid concentrate for band saw cutting.

  • Biostable, water-soluble, free of chlorine, zinc, nitrates, nitrites, phenols and heavy metals.

  • Mixed with water it forms a stable, semi-synthetic microemulsion.

  • Intended for cutting different types of steel, cast steel, cast iron, aluminum and special alloys.

  • Not recommended for cutting copper-base alloys.

Available in containers: 1l, 5l, 20l, 205l.




  1. Semi-synthetic – combines benefits of mineral and synthetic oils without their drawbacks.
  2. Fully compatible with other lubricants, sealants and top coats.
  3. Mixing proportions: Machining, avg. conditions 4-5%; Machining, difficult conditions: 5-10%; Grinding: 3%
  4. It lends its first-class cooling, lubricating and washing properties combined with high foaming resistance to its excellent wettability, significant EP lubricating additives and other improving components.
  5. Biostability – high microbiological resistance preventing uncontrolled growth of bacteria, yeast and fungi.
  6. Exceptional pH stability and hard water tolerance resulting from a sufficient alkali reserve.
  7. Excellent corrosion protection.
  8. Free of zinc and other heavy metals, biocides, phenols, chlorine compounds, PTBB, nitrates and nitrites and other compounds that require additional identification.
  9. Intended for cutting different types of carbon and alloy steel, cast iron and easily machinable aluminum alloys.
  10. Can be used effectively for other types of machining including turning, milling, drilling, threading and grinding.




  1. Excellent parameters at moderate price and low running costs of the concentrate.
  2. Neutral to machine tool coating varnish (acc. to VDI 3035).
  3. Reduced costs of ready-made emulsion due to a high yield of the concentrate.
  4. Significantly prolonged life of tools and improved accuracy of machining, surface smoothness and machine performance.
  5. Considerably longer emulsion life and reduced adverse effect of microorganisms on human health.
  6. Prolonged emulsion shelf life, reduced consumption and the resulting lower running costs connected with cutting fluid change.
  7. Possibility to use the concentrate at low concentrations which reduces cutting fluid consumption.
  8. Protection of cutting details.
  9. People-friendly product – positive H&S opinion and PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate.
  10. Comprehensive application, possibility to use one type of emulsion for different machine tools.



Strictly follow the mix ratio. During  the concentrate preparation follow the rule that the concentrate should be added to water and not the other way round. Continue mixing the water while pouring the concentrate. Supplement water loss with 0.5-1% solution, not with pure water! Water temperature should be kept at 10°C and working emulsion temperature should stay within 10-25°C. Emulsions should be prepared in a special mixing tank. Do not add concentrate or water directly into the machine vessel. Do not use different concentrates or ready-made emulsions.



  • Oil content (DIN 51 417) – mineral / ester / total: 3.0% vol./10% vol/40% vol.
  • Water content – Karl Fisher (PN-C-04959): 20%
  • Density at 15°C (DIN 51 757): 0.997 g/mL
  • Viscosity at 20°C/ 40°C (DIN 51 562): 200 mm2/s / 60 mm2/s
  • emulsion pH at 1:10 concentration (DIN 51 369): 9.4
  • Alkali reserve (pH 7): 145 mL
  • EP lubrication properties – concentrate (DIN 51350 part 2): 1600 N
  • Wear-resistance properties AW, average defect diameter, 1h, load 20 kg (PN-76/C-04147): 0.8 mm
  • Corrosion protection – GG25, concentration >3% (DIN 51 360-2): 0-0
  • Cast iron corrosion (PN-M-55789) – 2% / 3% / 5% solution: 1 / 0 / 0; (1) corrosion traces, (0) no corrosion
  • Conductivity – 3% / 5% / 10% solution: 8.7 mS/cm / 1.2 mS/cm / 1.14 mS/cm
  • Foam behavior – flow test 5% emulsion – water 3.6 mmol/L (20°d): 1
  • Refraction coefficient (manual refractometer): 1.05