HA 250 W

Przecinarka AMADA HA 250 Characteristic:
A universal, fully automatic band saw machine designed for metal cutting. For individual and bundle cutting of work pieces including flat bars, bars, sections, pipes, tubes and closed profiles in all shapes and up to 300 mm. Multiple material feed system and easy operation make the machine suitable for use both in mass production and individual cutting. Automatic feed control allows optimum selection of parameters to ensure maximum cutting efficiency and blade life. An integrated diagnostic system facilitates detection of operating irregularities.

Hydraulic blade tension control
Smooth blade speed control
Rapid blade approach
Blade operation sensor
Multiple material feed system
Automatic feed control
Moveable working table
Power-driven chip cleaning brush
Spiral chip conveyor
Length control of the cut material
Cut count
Hydraulic oil tank
Cooling and lubricating fluid tank
Hand tools

BUILD MODE Automatic
CONSTRUCTION TYPE Horizontal shear
CUTTING CAPACITY Ø 250, 300 x 250
BLADE DIMENSIONS 34 x 1.1 x 3505 mm
WEIGHT 1 600 kg