1. Name of the Ordering Party

ul. George Washington 7,81-342 Gdynia,
REGON: 365951468,
VAT ID: 5862312409

2. General provisions
1. This procedure takes place in the mode of inquiry, under the Operational Program Development of Intelligent, Measure 3.3 Support for promotion and internationalization of innovative companies, sub-measure 3.3.3 Support for SMEs in the promotion of a product rek - Go to Bran d.
2. The provisions of the Act of 29 January 2004 do not apply to this inquiry. Public Procurement Law.
3. The Ordering Party reserves the right to change the offer inquiry before the deadline for submission of tenders and to cancel the procedure at any time without giving any reason. In case of cancellation of the procedure, the Contractor shall not be entitled to any claim against the Ordering Party.

3. Ordered object
The contract is for the purchase of accommodation services during TIIE 2017 Exhibition
in Tehran, Iran within 4 - 9.10.2017r.

Minimum parameters:
Number of persons: 3
Number of nights: 5
Property type: Hotel
Location: within 3 km away from the Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Chamran Express way, Vali- e Asr Ave. (Market Hall No. 38), Tehran, Iran
Type of rooms: one bed for each person
Standard object: min. 4 stars

If the description of the subject of the order includes: the name of the particular manufacturer, the name of the particular product, the quality standards should be treated only as a help in the description of the subject of the order. In each case, products equivalent in terms of design, materials, functionality, quality are acceptable. If the description of the subject of the order indicates any trademark, patent or origin - it is to be assumed that the indicated patents, trademarks, origin determine technical parameters, operational, usable, which means that the Ordering Party accepts tenders in this part of the subject of the order with equivalent technical parameters , supplies and vehicles.

Code specified by the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV):
Hotel accommodation services

4. Time limit for order fulfillment
1. About ordered an end to an implementation: 4 - 9 .10.2017r. (5 nights for 3 people)
2. The Purchaser reserves the right to resign from the subject of the order in case where the Ordering Party will not be able to carry out the object of the order. Performers from This title will not be entitled to any financial claims against the Ordering Party.
3. The Ordering Party reserves the right to change the deadline for realization of the object of the order. New terms will be set in consultation with the selected Contractor.

5. Place of order fulfillment
1. Place of performance of the contract: Tehran, Iran

6. Information about the legal, economic, financial and technical
1. Submission of a tender does not give rise to any liability to the Purchaser. Offers
They are prepared at the cost of Contractors. Each Contractor can submit only one offer.
2. Out of the procurement procedure, contractors are excluded from the contract, who are personally or financially related to the Purchaser. Capital or personal ties are understood as the relationship between the Purchaser or the persons entitled to incur liabilities on behalf of the Ordering Party or persons performing the Ordering Party's activities related to the preparation and conduct of the procedure for selecting the Contractor and the Contractor,
1) participation in the company as a partner in a civil rela tion or partnership;
2) helds rights, or at least 5%;
3) Fully-up as a member of the management or supervisory body which, proxy, proxy;
4) to remain in a legal or factual relationship that may give rise to justified doubts as to the impartiality of the choice of performer, in particular marriage, kinship or affinity in a straight line, affinity or affinity in the lateral line to the second degree or in the ratio of the osobienia, ope track or guardianship.

These will be verified on the basis that the statement in Annex at No. 1 to this inquiry.

7. Description of how the bid price is calculated
1. Contractor is obliged to quote a price for the execution of the contract with dignity
with the offer form.
2. As specified in the tender price is to be expressed in PLN / EUR / USD. The price must take into account all the requirements of this RFQ and include all associated costs
with the timely and correct performance of the object of the order and conditions and guidelines put forth by the Ordering Party in relation to the object of the order.
3. Prices in EUR / USD will be converted into PLN at the average exchange rate on the date of publication of the inquiry.
4. The price for the object of the order may be only one, price variants are not allowed. Any discount, rebate, should be immediately included in the price calculation, so that the calculated price
For the realization of the object of the order was the final price, without the need for the Orderer to make translations and other actions to determine it.
5. Offer price is the gross price for the execution of the contract.

8. A description of the criteria to be followed by the Purchaser, when selecting the bid, and the importance of these criteria

1. Award criteria: Gross price - point weight 100 points. (100%)

The number of points in the "Gross Price" criterion will be awarded according to the following formula:

(The lowest gross value of the offer ) / (Gross value indicated in the tender offer ) x 100

2. The Contracting Authority will award the contract to the Contractor whose bid meets all the requirements contained in the inquiry and will be assessed in a given selection criterion as the most advantageous - to obtain the highest number of points.
3. In case of refusal to sign the contract by the chosen Contractor, the Contracting Authority may enter into an agreement with the Contractor, which fulfills the requirements of the request for proposals and whose bid has been awarded the highest number of points.
4. If the purchaser will not be able to choose the best offer on the grounds that were submitted offers obtained the same number of points, the Employer shall call Contractors who submitted the offer, to submit - within the deadline set by the Contracting Authority - additional offers. Contractors submitting additional offers can not offer higher prices than offered in submitted offers.
5. The Ordering Party reserves the right to cancel the procedure without giving any reason.

9. How to prepare your offer
1. The offer must be drawn up on the form "Inquiry form" attached as Appendix 1
to this inquiry, in written in Polish, in legible form, filled with indelible ink or pen, machine or computer. The offer should be signed by the Contractor or the person authorized to represent the Contractor
3. Tenders submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
4. The contracting authority accepts the possibility of submitting an offer in English.
5. S The required period of validity of the offer is 30 calendar days from the date of the deadline for submission of tenders.
6. In the course of examination and evaluation of tenders, the Purchaser may demand explanations from the Contractors concerning the content of submitted tenders.

10. Place and date of submitting the offer, contact person
1. The offer, in accordance with the attached form and the present inquiry, should be submitted
Until 28.09.2017.
2. The offer must be submitted in person or by mail / courier company's headquarters in st. George Washington 7, 81-342 Gdynia or e-mail address sword@sword.pl.
3. The date of submission of the offer shall be deemed to be the date of receipt of the bid to the registered office of the Awarding Entity.
4. Person to contact Contractors: Ewa Gotowicka ewa.gotowicka@sword.pl.

11. Terms of contract change
1. Changes in the contract will be allowed, resulting in particular from:
a) changes to any regulations and regulations and other documents, including program documents for the Intelligent Development Program 2014-2020;
b) change in remuneration (change of official VAT rate);
c) external causes beyond the control of the Employer and / or the Contractor;
d) reasonable changes in the way performance of the contract.

10. List of attachments
1. Appendix 1 - Bid form.